Mind Body-Neuro Emotional Technique

Neuro Emotional Technique

NET the missing piece of health

NET the missing piece of health

Your emotions and mindset are a major factor in your wellbeing. They dictate your happiness in life, your successes, you freedom, and your health. This is the big missing link in the health care model and in the world as a whole.

When you have been to all the doctors, specialists,  and professional and all your tests look good. When your physical findings are fine, but you are still not getting well, the fall back of the medical model is to say it is all in your head. This can be totally true! The bad part is that their procedure for this is psychological therapy if you are lucky and psychiatric meds if you are not so lucky. There is a far better solution. Continue reading

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Your health is perfect

Letting your health shine through

Let your health shine through

Let your health shine through

Over the years I have had many patients with a myriad of symptoms at one. When I see a combination of health issues such as: Back pain, anxiety, digestive discomfort, or whatever they may be, I see right through the surface of the health persona. I have to look to the root of the cause of these issues or else we will just be chasing symptoms around for years. I have been a doctor for over fifteen years and I have seen a lot of difficult patients. I know that I need to acknowledge the presentation of symptoms that a patient has, and I need to be concerned about them. But usually there is right combination to the lock that is blocking their health form shining through. I use my clinical experience, my intuition, and kinesiology muscle testing to get to the source of their health concerns. Continue reading

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How your mind changes your health

Mind over matterMind over matter

Many of us are concerned with the food we eat, the latest flu going around, environmental toxins, etc… These things are valid concerns but there is another factor that makes you much more prone to having ill effects to these situations, your mind! If you are afraid of catching the latest flu going around, you will. If you are afraid of gluten, you will react. If you believe you are predetermined to have some disease, you will be. If you feel that your health is ailing because you are old, your health will deteriorate. Continue reading

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Photo credit: ob1left / Foter.com / CC BY-ND

Photo credit: ob1left / Foter.com / CC BY-ND

Do you or someone you know suffer from continuous anxiety about a traumatic event that happened in the past? Is this interfering with their life? Their relationships? Their wellbeing?

Post traumatic stress disorder develops after an emotionally terrifying situation happens in conjunction with continuous secretions of certain stress hormones that cement a “flight or fight” reaction into the nervous system. For many people this condition can severely derail their lives.  Continue reading

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What supplements do you need?

Nutritional response muscle testingNutritional response muscle testing

Health care professionals and lay people have been using muscle testing to see if a person needs a nutritional supplement for decades. Do you know where this all began? It started with Dr. George Goodheart, the father of applied kinesiology.

There are many “arm pull down” muscle testing techniques for figuring what nutritional supplements and fitness tablets to give out there. But there are ways to be more specific with muscle testing. Nutritional muscle testing began with using specific muscles that are related to the organ or function of the body that you are targeting with your test. There is also a great natural testosterone replacement out there called TestoFuel Supplement I definitely suggest trying it out. Continue reading

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Looking deeper into muscle relationships

Holistic muscle relationshipsHolistic muscle relationships

When Dr. George Goodheart first started testing and fixing muscles with treating the origin and insertion of a muscle, he didn’t know the farther reaching relationships that muscles had in the body. But then he started to find clues that the muscles were related to the internal organs of the body.

Talking to the inner body

According to https://legalsteroidshere.com/best/, with the realization that muscles are related to organs, applied kinesiology doctors were able to communicate directly with the body. Combining muscle testing with what we have learned as health care professionals, we are able to see specifically what organs needed as a therapy, dietary supplement, etc., and we are able to monitor their progress all with muscle testing.

For more information about learning how to use applied kinesiology click here.

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What makes AK muscle work so effective

Applied kinesiology treatment of musclesAK muscle treatment

The one technique that started AK is still one of the most powerful tools out there. Correcting muscle function with the origin and insertion technique. It worked for Dr. Goodheart in 1964 and still works today. Correcting the weak muscle instead of trying to stretch or weaken a shortened/tight muscle is our secret to success when it comes to musculoskeletal problems. Combining this with proper treatment of trigger points is what sets AK practitioners apart from other in the health care field.

AK muscle work basics

Watch this video to learn what anabolic steroids do to correct muscle imbalances. These basics are what is taught in the first few sessions of the applied kinesiology basic course. When they are combined properly, the results seem miraculous.

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