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Chiropractic is different with Applied Kinesiology

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Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology

Chiropractic was discovered over a century ago. Well at least re-discovered. Methods of correcting the joints of the body have been know about in many ancient cultures. Do you know how it inventor, Dr. D.D. Palmer, knew it was important? He adjusted a bone in the spine of someone because they had back pain and several days later their hearing came back. That’s right, he restored the hearing of a deaf person with adjusting their back.

Chiropractic is much different today.

Today chiropractic is run by the insurance industry. They say that chiropractic is only good for aches and pains and this is what most of the schools and doctors focus on. But as you can see chiropractic was not discovered after the first car accident. It was discovered because it had dramatic affects on someone’s health.

A healthy spine adds to a healthy body

A healthy spine is important for your overall health. If you think about it, the nerves of the spine tell the arms and legs how to work. They tell the organs and glands of the body how to work. The acupuncture meridian energy of the body also travels through the spine. The balance of energy in the body determines the health of your body.

Muscles keep the spine in place

What keeps the spine in place? The muscles do. If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor they may of adjusted you neck, back or even arm or leg. If you felt great after wards but didn’t last long, it was probably because the muscles are not working right. Sometimes massage, deep tissue or fascial release work can help this. But again, it may be temporary.

If there is a tight muscle, a muscle that is pulling and possibly painful there is an imbalance. What do most doctors or therapists do? They try to get the tight, painful muscle to relax. But this is rarely the complete answer.

If there is a tight muscle there is usually a weak muscle causing it.

I am not talking about muscle strength here. I am talking about the muscle being turned on or off like a switch that turn a light bulb on or off. The muscle might be strong but doesn’t turn on and off when it is supposed to.  When you walk, bend, chew or do other activities muscle need to turn on and off.

A muscle can turn off from problems with the spine. Muscles are also related to the organs of the body. If the related organ is not well the related muscle may become turned off. The muscles are also related to the acupuncture meridians that we talked about above. If the energy related to a muscle is not balanced, the muscle will become unbalanced. The muscles are also related to emotions. Have you ever had a stressful situation happen you you then had your neck or back tighten up?

Professional Muscle Doctors

A Professional Applied Kinesiologist is a professional muscle doctor. They know which muscles are not working properly by looking at the way you stand, walk, run and or sit. You might think that they are psychic because they can tell you things about your health just by looking at you. They know what muscles are related to what parts of your body, your organs, and your emotions.

The good part is that they also know how to correct those muscles that are now working properly.

Imagine if an Applied Kinesiologist would balance the muscles around your chronic neck, low back, shoulder, knee or what aver part of your body is not working right! See yourself walking or running with these muscles turning on and off properly in a beautiful symphony. The tight muscles would relax because the muscles that are turned off are on again.

A muscle testing doctor that is trained this way can get you body’s muscles to work properly again. The muscles of your body can work in harmony again and your chronic problems may be helped like never before.

If you need a profession Applied Kinesiologist take a look at the directory of the International College of Applied Kinesiology.

To see about Dr. Robert Ciprian’s practice in Washington, DC click here.

Do you have any questions or have you had help from an Applied Kinesiologist? Let us know…

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    I’ve been no kinesiologist before but I’m wondering my daughter went to a regular chiropractor and he said her neck was so bad that he couldn’t adjust it.. Okay So I was wondering if you could help her I really think you can I’m praying that you can

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