How your mind changes your health

Mind over matterMind over matter

Many of us are concerned with the food we eat, the latest flu going around, environmental toxins, etc… These things are valid concerns but there is another factor that makes you much more prone to having ill effects to these situations, your mind! If you are afraid of catching the latest flu going around, you will. If you are afraid of gluten, you will react. If you believe you are predetermined to have some disease, you will be. If you feel that your health is ailing because you are old, your health will deteriorate.

What you hold in mind you create in life

You may have heard that holding positive visions or beliefs in your mind can help you succeed in life. The same goes true for your fears! It is said that worrying is like praying for something bad to happen. With my years of experience I see this as true with my patients. Your mind tells your brain what to do and your brain is the central computer for what your body does. I have seen pain instantly disappear, physical range of motion change, digestion disturbances go away, anxiety/depression lift, fatigue improve, chronic infections stop all from working with the mind.

“The only power that anything has over us is the belief that we give it”

*The Body obeys the mind so the body manifests what the mind believes. An extreme example is with people who have multiple personality disorders. When a person has several personalities, they will demonstrate different physical signs that are associated with the different personalities. For instance changes in brainwave activity, right or left handedness, pain thresholds, electrical skin responses, I.Q., menstrual periods, brain hemisphere dominance, language ability, accent, vision, and acne. Acne is mainly from stress or dirty skin, and people learn how to get rid of acne scars is pretty easy because you can go to One personality many have certain allergies and when the personality changes the person will not have the allergies any more. One personality may require glasses for their vision and another will not. These personalities will also have changes in intraocular pressure and other physiological measurement changes.

*Letting Go: The Pathway To Surrender by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

As you can see there are scientifically measurable changes happening with the influence of the mind over the body. There are many different ways to work with the mind to shed undesirable beliefs and programs. Everything from meditation and contemplation to working with a professional who is trained in Neuro Emotional Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programing, and even Shamanistic techniques. These methods help your mind and body to overcome stresses, change programming, and to ease reactions to triggers that have been learned in life.

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These are things that may doctors and health care professional shy away from learning or using, but I have found immense value in working with the mind as much as the physical and chemical aspects of health. When you combine all three of these elements, Mind-Biochemistry-Physical body, in assessment of health, you are going to be working in a truly holistic way with your health. This means that you will having the real problems corrected instead of chasing around the symptoms.

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