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Learn new techniques in spinal adjustingLumbar adjusting

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When I was at school in Los Angeles, I was lucky enough to have mentors who were willing to teach me how to adjust the spine. Spinal adjusting is an art. You need good knowledge of what you are doing. You need good technique. You need confidence. You need practice.

Students often ask me, “when should I start learning how to adjust?” My answer is always, “right away!” Adjusting is a skill that needs to be developed, honed and mastered.  If you are a student you want to be proficient in adjusting by the time you get to clinic at least!

I’ve been teaching for over a decade now. Every year I am asked to teach a spinal adjusting class. I’ve gone above and beyond my school education to learn from some of the better adjusters I know. And I love to show and teach others what I have learned!

What will be covered in the spinal adjusting Cervical Adjusting class?

  • Spinal Biomechanics
  • Spinal assessment
  • Cervical Spine Adjusting
  • Thoracic Spine Adjusting
  •  Lumbar Spine Adjusting
  • Pelvic Adjusting
  • Common adjusting blunders
  • How to use gravity and not your strength


Pelvis AdjustingThis will be a one day class. Please bring an adjusting table if you have one.

This class is only for students of a profession that can legally adjust according to their state board guidelines or professionals who are licensed to adjust the spine.

There are notes so that you can follow along and have examples of how the adjustments are done! They will be given emailed out before the class.

4 Responses to Adjusting Class-Spine

  1. Tony says:

    Rob, please let me know when your next adjusting class will be. Unfortunately, TBM module 3 is that weekend. Thanks, Tony

  2. Jen Mlnarik ND says:

    I’d love to know when your next adjusting class will be in Portland. I keep finding out about it too late and am unable to attend. I want to get in on my calendar! Thanks

  3. Paula says:

    Several UWS students would have loved to have taken your class. Unfortunately, it was the weekend before finals. Please have another class! The beginning of the term is usually the best time for us.

    • drciprian says:

      Thank you for your interest Paula! I’m moving to the east coast next week so I wont have as much flexibility to have another in Portland. We can make one happen in the future through the AK club though!

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