The Difficult Immune System Patient

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What do people really get sick form? Many things can deplete the immune system and cause its function to decrease. In this class you will learn how to work with the the factors that cause immune system imbalances.

The immune system is integrated with many aspects of the body. With tough patients you just can’t get away with an approach that isn’t truly holistic. You need to consider the endocrine system, digestion, and stress levels to give the patient the best outcome.

With muscle testing as a window into the patient’s body, you can assess what is really going on in a functional sense instead of guessing and wasting time. You and your patients will have confidence that you are on the right track as you can monitor the systems that I will teach you in real time right in your office.

What you will learn:

  • State of the art Applied Kinesiology muscle testing.
  • Immune system assessment and knowledge of holistic corrections with other aspects of the body.
  • Related digestive assessment including ileocecal valve syndrome testing.
  • Related endocrine system assessment including thyroid and adrenal gland testing.
  • Stress assessment with emotional release techniques.
  • Using muscle testing to help with patient compliance with supplement protocols, treatment, and for attracting new patients.

Putting together all of the above in a holistic system that can be used easily in your office.There are many people out there that are in need of this type of help. With applied kinesiology muscle testing you will stand out from the crowd with patients. This a large part of having a successful cash practice that you will enjoy.

I have been using applied kinesiology muscle testing for over 20 years now and I could never think about practicing without it. I have a passion to show others how to use this in addition to the skills they have learned as a health care professional. Applied kinesiology muscle testing in combination with proper history, examination, diagnostics will bring a new dimension to your career.

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