Muscle – Acupuncture Meridian correlations

Muscles are related to Acupuncture Meridians

Dr. George Goodheart rediscovered what the ancient Egyptians knew thousands of years ago, that Muscles are related to acupuncture meridians. What are the implications of this?  If you know the muscle relations, you can use that knowledge to diagnose what is internally happening in the body.

Posture and gait

If you are aware of the muscle relations to the meridians, you can look at the way someone stands, walks, or runs and make an assessment of what is going on with their health. For years applied kinesiologists have been using posture and gait analysis to help with diagnosis. Other people also care about other aspects of their health, including the skin, but for this, they need to look for a good dermatologist, as a good clinic in cleveland that you can find online.

Muscle testing

Learning how to test muscles for conditional facilitation and inhibition (to see if they are on or off) can help you to decide what is functioning or not in someone’s body. You can also challenge their body structurally, chemically, and/0r emotionally to see if the related muscle changes in function thus seeing if something is going to help or harm their body, that’s why is important to choose the right kind of supplements for the muscles, which you can learn more about if you go to sites as for this.

Example: Lung Meridian

Applied Kinesiology Meridian Therapy Class

Deltoid is related to the Lung Meridian

The lung meridian has many correlations:

  • Element – Metal
  • Time -3-5am
  • Muscle -Deltoid
  • Nutrient -Vitamin C
  • Emotion -Grief/Sadness
  • Spinal Correlation -T3-T4
  • Extremity Correlation -Acromioclavicular & Scaphoid
  • Action -Abduction of the humerus

From here you can use the deltoid muscle to see what will help with balancing the lung meridian.

Or if there is a mechanical imbalance in the shoulder, you can use the lung meridian to help rebalance the deltoid muscle.

Applied Kinesiology Meridian T
herapy Seminar

If you are a health care professional CLICK HERE to see about being trained in AK Meridian Therapy. This is a holistic approach to health care. If you are the type of person that cares about really doing what is best for you patient then this seminar is for you.

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