Muscle testing can detect life draining media

A kinesiological test can uncover a negative influence

Today I was at the gym trying to keep my boyish figure. As I was warming up on the treadmill I scanned the many flat panel TV monitors that were hanging form the ceiling. Almost everyone had some sort of news program on. Local news, national, international. Every thing was about war, death, legal trials, disease, terrorism, alerts, etc… I actually had to focus to not be interested in the drama that was surrounding my visual field.

What is wrong with the news?

Dr. John Diamond and Dr. David R. Hawkins both demonstrate that a strong kinesiological test will turn weak when the person being tested watched the news. There will be some times when it will be strong but most of the time it will go weak.

Dr. Robert Ciprian Portland Chiropractor Applied Kinesiologist

Hopefully I don't cause any weak muscles when I'm on the news

When someone says something that is true and/or beneficial a muscle will go strong. When someone says something that is false and/or detrimental a muscle will go weak.

The research that Dr. Diamond and Dr. Hawkins did shows that most news programs are either not telling the truth or what they are telling is detrimental to your well being.

What does a weak muscle test mean?

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Muscle testing can uncover negative influence

When our energy is balanced and healthy a muscle will test strong (there are some instances when it will not but this is a much more advanced discussion). When you exercise and you want your muscles to grow don’t forget to get an HMB supplement and probiotic for men for your trainment!

Its like a light switch. When the switch is on we are getting energy. When the switch is off our energy is cut off.

  • When something influences us in a negative way, a strong muscle will go weak.
  • When something influences us in a positive way, a strong muscle will stay strong. Or a weak muscle will become strong.

Things that are good for you increase your Life Force Energy

If something is good for us it will increase the energy of our body and keep us in balance. If something is not good for us it will deplete and unbalance the energy of out body.

A muscle test can measure what is going on with the life force energy of your body. By using this as a tool, we can investigate what is influencing you. There are many things in life that may cause your life force energy to change:

  • TV shows, movies, music, art
  • Food, water, drinks, air
  • Vitamins, herbs, homeopathics, medications (consult with a health care professional before changing you medications or supplements)
  • Textiles, clothes, carpets
  • Geographic areas, buildings, rooms
  • Learning methods, spiritual practices
  • Ideas, plans, philosophies, points of view of a leader, religion, and much, much more.

Now you know why I try to avoid the news!

When you start using muscle testing to figure out what is good for you and what is not in life you know that your choices are going to help you. You don’t have to guess anymore. I know that I try and stay informed and up to date with any and all articles pertaining to Male Health and Enhancement Information. I want to know what is out there that can keep me living a long life. It really is a great way to exercise your brain. When you want to build a fence, just do it, when you want to build a great and beautiful fence, go to to help you.

Other important things when you want to rebuild your body, since is not only about muscles, you also need to look on what you eat, and learn to control your appetite, of course if you go online, there are also supplements you can find for this, as the natural appetite suppressant that help you maintain a good diet without that much effort.

What are your ideas about what you might want to test with muscle testing now? What have you found out with muscle testing? Let us know…

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