What to do with tough patients!?!

Where to start with your toughest patients!

Muscle testing acupuncture meridians Portland

Applied Kinesiology Acupuncture Meridian Therapy. A Muscle Testing Seminar in Washington, DC

When I was a new doctor, I never worried about what I would do with even the toughest patients. I was taught by my mentors in Applied Kinesiology to look to the weakest acupuncture meridian and to start from there. No matter if they were suffering from a chronic disease, a headache, anxiety/depression, low back pain, or a freshly sprained ankle, this is where I would start for balancing the patient’s body.

Acupuncture meridians, another nervous system

The acupuncture meridians are like another nervous system. They help to maintain balance in the body in many different ways. The meridians have an effect on the physical body (muscles, joints, fascia, etc.), the biochemistry of the body (endocrine/hormonal, digestion, metabolism, etc.), and the emotions (every meridian is related to several different emotions). When you aren’t sure where to start this is the best bet!

The big picture about health

When you can do a quick, simple diagnosis and procedure that will help with the balance of a patient’s physical body, biochemistry, and emotions, you will help to bring on wellbeing with ease!

When you become proficient at Applied Kinesiology Meridian therapy it will take you less than 5 minutes to do. Less than 5 minutes to asses your patient’s meridians, apply structural corrections, check for related nutritional deficiencies, to asses their emotional blocks. All of this in moments!

AK Meridian Therapy Seminar

Applied Kinesiology (AK) Meridian Therapy diagnosis and treatment procedures are essential tools for any practitioner to have in their toolbox. You don’t have to know Applied Kinesiology to attend this seminar, and if you are proficient in AK this seminar will help you make new connections about holistic health.

Click here to see more about AK Meridian Therapy Seminar. There is one being held in the Maryland/Washington, DC metro area in February 2015.

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